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 Confessions of the Dyslexic Virgin - A Touch Of Love -- The e-book

This is a novel based on a true story of an exceptional discovery in passion, romance and love on the Internet. Mysterious strangers meet to discover each other, the interludes often lead to smiles, tears and confusion.

I have recently been nominated as the SA distributor of this International best seller, that means it is now available in SA currency (so are all the other products on this website).  To celebrate this achievement, I am offering the e-book at the reduced price of R150.00, this is R75.00 less than the cheapest online bookstore selling it!

Hello and well done!!  My name is Tom, and you have just found the best new exciting website on the internet with the most amazing tips.  These e-books/tips/manuals are useful for big corporate businesses, entrepreneurs, and everybody else. 


I have self improvement tips, skills and marketing tips, cooking recipes, money saving tips, gardening tips, golf tips, tips on starting your own business and generating cash flow, every possible tip and idea you can use in life.  I also have a handful of language courses.  



This is very important:  I have nice deals for you.  If you purchase any four items, you may have another one for free. Now isn't that fantastic!!!  Also, if you are a V.I.P member of a specific internet community, you get no less than 15% discount on all items.



And, what’s more, is that you can buy the resell rights for these tips (for a few dollars more) and stick the profits that you make from it in your own pocket.  That's right, you don't have to give me one cent!  You may contact me with your queries at:  amazingtips@ananzi.co.za 

So, please, have a look through all the pages and products/e-books and when you have done so, go to the How To Order page to learn how to order. 

Thank you.  You may now start your journey.  Enjoy!


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